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Please refer to the warranty terms and conditions for relevant information required to process a warranty claim. Submitting this form incorrectly filled out or with missing information will lead to your claim being delayed. Please submit any supporting documents along with this form.

Have you received a replacement from Recoturbo for this unit?

Please select only one warranty option below.

For warranty claims on Recoturbo units, there are three options:

  1. Fast Track Warranty: Available only for the first unit claimed under warranty. Credits will be applied to your account within 5-10 days, but you will receive only a basic failure diagnosis and cannot submit a labour claim. This option is not available for turbos under manufacturer’s warranty and requires replacement with a

    Recoturbo unit.

  2. Standard Warranty: For non-account customers (who paid by cash, BACS, or card) or account customers with units not eligible for Fast Track (like brand new units, those under manufacturer’s warranty, or subsequent units). Warranty may be partially or fully rejected if failure is due to external factors. An inspection report is provided.

  3. Standard Warranty with Labour Claim: Choose this for submitting a labour claim. Warranty may be partially or fully rejected if turbo failure is due to external factors like engine issues. This option includes a full inspection report, but labour claims processing may take up to 12 weeks.

Please choose one option from the list:
Fast Track
Standard Warranty
Labour Claim
Do you have any old core turbos (for surcharge refund) that need collecting?
Do you have any unused (stock cleanse) turbos that need collecting?
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