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Green Technology

Turbochargers, renowned for enhancing vehicle speed, are emerging as front-runners in the effort to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Turbochargers have become a pivotal technology for automotive manufacturers in response to the stringent emissions and fuel efficiency standards imposed globally. These devices effectively leverage exhaust gas energy, which is typically lost in conventional engines, to boost engine efficiency. This process enables more of the fuel's energy to be converted into usable power.

By incorporating turbochargers, engines can achieve significantly improved fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions while delivering enhanced performance. This technology allows for engine downsizing without compromising power and performance, aligning with consumer expectations and environmental regulations.

In parallel to leveraging turbocharger technology for environmental benefits, Recoturbo also demonstrates a commitment to sustainability in its operations. We utilize cardboard packaging for our products, and at the end of their life cycle, these boxes are recycled. This approach reduces waste and supports a circular economy. Additionally, by using shredded old boxes as packaging material, we further minimize environmental impact.

Moreover, the installation of solar panels on our facility aligns with a broader commitment to renewable energy, reducing reliance on non-renewable power sources and decreasing the carbon footprint of your operations. Our policy of low plastic use further underscores this commitment to sustainability, helping to reduce the environmental impact associated with plastic production and disposal. Such environmentally conscious practices, combined with the advanced technology ofturbocharging, position Recoturbo as a leader in both innovation and sustainability within the turbocharger remanufacturing industry.

Turbocharging can help reduce CO2 emissions

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