Turbo Servicing, Repair and Rebuild

Turbo servicing


In addition to providing brand new turbos, Recoturbo can professionally repair, rebuild or remanufacture your faulty turbo at a competitive price. Our diagnosis and inspection reports identify faults with your turbo and provide tailored advice on your repair and servicing options.


If your turbo has core damage we can either rebuild the unit with a replacement component or fully remanufacture your unit. All turbochargers are built to match or exceed OE specifications and Recoturbo uses genuine Melett parts to provide quality, cost-effective upgrades. Founded in 1995 and based in the UK, Melett is a trusted aftermarket brand for precision engineered turbochargers and parts and is renowned for producing OE quality products. Melett operates a Quality Management System and is ISO 9001:2008 accredited for the design, manufacture and supply of replacement turbocharger parts; guaranteeing you consistent manufacturing to exact specifications.


Our unique process and industry-leading equipment ensure the very best inspection, preparation, assembly and testing standards. Whether you are a trade customer or a member of the general public, we will cater to all your needs.

Turbo repair

If your turbo has failed due to a broken or worn internal part we can find and change the damaged component. In other words, only the parts that are worn or broken will be replaced, whereas serviceable parts that fit within the manufacturer’s limits for acceptable wear will be reused.

A turbo repair extends the life of your turbo until a different part fails. This solution provides the most cost-effective way to fix your turbo.

Turbo repair servicing

Turbo rebuild


A turbo rebuild or reconditioned turbo involves stripping your turbo to each individual component in order to inspect, clean and order parts as necessary, before refitting the new parts and returning your unit to you. Every component will be inspected for wear and damage to ensure they remain within OE tolerances. New Melett replacements will be ordered for any worn or damaged components and, regardless of the problem, we will fully replace your old turbo bearings and seals with new as standard. Recoturbo will appropriately dispose of, or recycle, your worn parts. Once your turbo has been rebuilt, we will balance and calibrate your unit to restore it to the original specification before returning it to you. This means you will receive a product that matches OE standards at the fraction of the price of a new unit.


Turbo remanufacturing


A remanufactured turbo is a turbo whose entire worn internal workings, including the turbo CHRA/cartridge, have been replaced with brand new component parts, bearings and seals; only the compressor and turbine housings are reused, as well as serviceable vacuum/electronic actuators. Hence, all worn components are replaced, and all components are inspected against original OE specifications for correct tolerances. The turbo CHRA is then balanced and tested before being fitted to clean housings. Our technicians will then recalibrate your turbo actuator to ensure your unit has been manufactured to the standard of a new turbo.


Our remanufactured turbochargers are engineered in Britain using high-quality Melett parts. Our replacement parts ensure that all of our remanufactured turbos are made and tested to OE specifications and original production standards to guarantee OEM standards for tolerances, durability and quality.

All Recoturbo remanufactured turbos are assembled and calibrated in its British workshop. Compared to a turbo repair, remanufactured turbos provide performance, reliability and a far longer lifespan.


How it works


Our repair, rebuild and remanufacturing procedure


1) Collection and inspection

Once your turbo has been removed from your vehicle (contact your local garage if you need help with this), we can arrange to collect your old unit for free*. Once we have received your unit, our technicians will strip and inspect it to determine the cause of your problem. Depending on the fault, we will let you know your full range of servicing options.


2) Repair, rebuild or replace

We will follow your preferences with regards to repairing, rebuilding or replacing your old unit. All forms of repair will include a full inspection of your unit as standard. If your turbo cannot be fixed, we can offer a new replacement or remanufactured unit to get you back on the road!


3) Returning your unit

Once your turbo is ready, you can either collect it from our workshop or we can dispatch your unit with free express delivery*.

All products come with a standard 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. What is more, the majority of our remanufactured turbochargers come with a 'No Quibble' warranty. This means that if you or your customer suffers a failure suspected to be the fault of our supplied turbo, we will replace it immediately.


From receiving your unit to us sending it back to you, the entire repair and rebuild process takes on average 3-4 working days.


Turbo options


Recoturbo stock a range of new turbochargers, including parts and accessories such as CHRA (Cartridge Assembly), actuators, gaskets, silencer kits and feed pipes. Our warehouse contains a large stock of popular turbochargers from manufacturers such as Garrett, BorgWarner, Mitsubishi and IHI. With a wide range of off-the-shelf turbos, we offer next day delivery on many popular items.


If your turbo is not in stock or is unavailable off-the-shelf, we may be able to offer a repair or rebuild of your old unit. We can usually facilitate a fast turnaround on rebuilds to get you back on the road.


Our sales team has in-depth knowledge of over 1000 product references within our turbocharger range, and our comprehensive dealer product catalogues and database system ensures that you receive the right turbo the first time around.


For advice, pricing and the availability of items, please contact our friendly customer service team on 01302 595 123.

* Free delivery to mainland UK, weekdays only on orders over £100. Collections: unfortunately, we cannot specify an exact time when the courier will come to collect your old unit, only the day it will be collected. Free collection applies to turbos having work done with us, customers may be required to pay carriage fees if they choose not to make a purchase.