Diagnosis & Inspection Reports
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We are able to assist with the diagnosis of suspected turbo problems and can help to identify the reason for the damage to the existing turbo before replacing it. Book an inspection with Recoturbo and our specialists will perform a visual and benchtop inspection to check your turbo for issues that affect its optimum operation. Our specialist diagnostic equipment allows us to quickly identify the precise cause of the problem, which will then be detailed in a tailored inspection report.

We also offer an inspection and reporting service to diagnose faults with actuators; our full written report for each inspection offers tailored advice on your repair and servicing options.

Turbo Servicing & Repair

In addition to providing brand new turbos, Recoturbo can professionally repair, rebuild or remanufacture your faulty turbo at a competitive price.


Our diagnosis and inspection reports identify faults with your turbo and provide tailored advice on your repair and servicing options.

If your turbo has core damage we can either rebuild the unit with a replacement component or fully remanufacture your unit. All turbochargers are built to match or exceed OE specifications and Recoturbo uses genuine Melett parts to provide quality, cost-effective upgrades. Founded in 1995 and based in the UK, Melett is a trusted aftermarket brand for precision engineered turbochargers and parts and is renowned for producing OE quality products. Melett operates a Quality Management System and is ISO 9001:2008 accredited for the design, manufacture and supply of replacement turbocharger parts; guaranteeing you consistent manufacturing to exact specifications.

Our unique process and industry-leading equipment ensures the very best inspection, preparation, assembly and testing standards. Whether you are a trade customer or a member of the general public, we will cater to all your needs.

Actuator Set Up & Repair

Wear or faults on your electronic actuator can render your entire turbocharger useless. We offer a full diagnosis and repair service where our technicians will test and strip your actuator down to its core components. As standard, we will replace your motor and resolder the board connectors. Common faults, such as dry solder joints, worn or damaged gearbox/worm gears or faulty motors can be easily fixed.

VNT Cleaning
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As an alternative to purchasing a replacement, Recoturbo offers a cleaning service to overcome this common issue. Simply send us your turbocharger and we will strip and assess the unit into its individual components, including the variable vane nozzle ring. Following a clean and polish, the unit will be reassembled and calibrated before being returned. In some instances, an accumulation of carbon or sticking VNT can cause the failure of the turbo actuator. When this occurs, we can also replace or possibly repair your turbo actuator.

Our VNT clean and repair service starts at only £100. If you require help with your turbocharger, our technicians are here to help.