Marine & Rail

At Recoturbo we understand the demands placed on rail and marine turbos and, when a turbo fails, it’s usually important to find out why. Our diagnosis and inspection service allows our engineers to examine your turbo in order to identify the problem and advise you on how to avoid the issue in the future.

We also understand your need to remedy the turbo problem quickly using a company that you can trust. We can therefore offer tailored service contracts and arrange service schedules for larger marine and locomotive applications. Recoturbo is one of the UK's largest turbocharger remanufacturers with a purpose built facility based in Doncaster. We work with turbos from a range of manufacturers, including ABB, Garrett, Holset, MAN, KBB, Napier and Mitsubishi MET.

A specialist collection service is available, for more information call us on 01302 595 123.

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