Commercial HGV

Turbo faults on heavy commercial vehicles can cause costly delays to businesses. As one of the UK's largest turbocharger remanufacturers, Recoturbo knows that time matters when it comes to receiving quality replacement turbos. We have a wide range of new turbos and parts available in stock ready for immediate collection or next day delivery.

We can also diagnose and repair or rebuild faulty turbos on a quick turnaround. Our specialists will examine every part of your turbo to identify the cause of the problem and talk you through your servicing options. By knowing what has gone wrong, you can avoid similar problems on your vehicle in the future, saving you money in the long-term.

Where parts are available we can usually offer a fast turn around on your remanufactured turbo, getting you back on the road.

Call our sales team on 01302 595 123 for availability.

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