Recoturbo understands the importance of efficiency within the agricultural industry. Our experts can help to improve the effectiveness of your fleet, saving you time and money.

Many of our customers choose to rebuild damaged turbos on their machinery. A rebuild enables us to disassemble your faulty turbo and replace faulty and worn parts. As many turbos fail due to a mechanical fault unrelated to the turbo itself, it is important to understand the cause of the problem to protect your machinery from further damage. We offer a forensic diagnostic of your old turbo to help you deal with these issues before they cause further failures.


All of our rebuilds either match or exceed OE standards using quality parts and you will receive a full diagnostic and inspection report as part of our service to you. If your turbo part is in stock, we should be able to fix your turbo within 1 working day. 

In addition to rebuilding your unit, we also have a wide range of new turbos available. You can trust Recoturbo to professionally remanufacture your turbocharger and have you back working in no time.


Call our sales team on 01302 595 123 for more information.

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